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Coldwater Creek Photography

Coldwater Creek Wedding Photography's Eight Years of Experience will help capture your wedding with a focus on your personality and style. As you browse through our portfolio you will notice a variety of personalities reflecting individual couple's unique day. Whether serious, silly, or sweet, our focus is to capture each couple in their own personal way.

From those Final Touches to "I Do", from the Kiss to the Father Daughter Dance, we will grasp the emotion and detail of every precious moment on your special day.

We will go beyond your expectations through our unique photographic style, leaving all with a smile still in place.

Behind The Lens

We are Jeremy and Kristen Myers of Coldwater Creek Photography. As a couple we work together blending two perspectives and two unique creative visions, creating one distinctive style.

The Wedding Day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life, so we pride ourselves in maintaining the excitement, romance, and relaxation throughout this photographic event.

Taking pictures has been a passion of both throughout our years. Several years ago

Kristen joined Jeremy in his career of wedding photography, giving us a combined total of over 12 years of experience in the wedding photography field. Jeremy’s imaginative and unique abilities have been complemented by Kristen’s female touch and creative eye, giving a well rounded team of hard working, detail oriented photographic artists.

Equipped with 4 Canon Digital Professional SLRs and an array of lenses and attachments, we focus on the event at hand providing you the level of quality you would expect from an experienced professional wedding photographer.

Request More Samples

Due to contracts with certain clients, and the request of some wedding locations, we cannot post all our samples.  If you would like to see more ceremony photos, or other particular shots, please contact us.

Do you have in mind something you want out of your wedding photographer but don’t see it within our samples?  As mentioned, we aim to capture each personality unique to the couple’s that we photograph. So if there is something that you missed seeing, would like incorporated into your wedding photography, or just would like additional samples of our work, feel free to contact us.

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